Buying Perfume for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up rather quickly, and it may be hard to pick the right gift for the special mom in your life. A gift idea would be to get them some perfume, and you have to know how to spring it on them so they can be surprised.

Chanel no5-bath-and-body-line

Described it as ‘a woman’s perfume with the scent of a woman’, Chanel No.5 is one of those fragrances with an amazingly beautiful range of products that combine fragrance and skincare. The perfect gift.

To gauge what perfume she might want, try to drop hints without giving away your plan; telling her how good she smells and asking her what she is wearing.

Another suggestion would be to go in the bathroom and look for yourself while she is out of the house. You can either take a picture of the bottle or you can make a mental know if you are sure that you would not forget. If you do not live together, you can do that as well but make sure you excuse yourself to the bathroom when you are over for a visit so you can have a free minute to take that picture or make a mental note.

Cheaper than the perfume itself, and not all moms buy it for themselves, but they all love it, is something from her favorite perfume line… like a bodylotion, or for dryer skin a bodycream, or maybe a dry oil. Or for a very busy mom: a beautiful shower or bathgel, so she can relax together with her favorite fragrance.

Mother’s Day is a special day. With the couple of suggestions mentioned on how to plan the best surprise gift, you can be sure to have a romantic day with the mom in your life.


by Jean Amr

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