The Blog’s 1st Birthday


Goodmorning friends!

Today is a very special day, my little blog turns 1.  I never imagined when I started this blog that a year later I would still be doing it, or that I would still be enjoying it.


Villa Yakymour, Le Cannet, France

When I look back over my first posts I cringe at the Googled photos, the bad photography, the rubbish layout etc… , but they also served a good purpose to show me how far I have come in a year.

The last 30 years gave me a trunk full of experience. Working as cosmetologist and as a make-up artist for television, theatre, film, fotoshoots, fashion shows, celebrities and individuals, My work brought me all over the world and had photoshoot’s on location in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, India. Part of these experiences I would like to share with you. In words and in pictures.

Over the past 12 months, I met some wonderfully supportive people. I have also come across a fair bit of negativity, but this has only served to make me more determined to achieve my goals and dreams.

In total, the blog get everyday new subscribers, and has been read all over the World, including in some countries that I have never heard of.  This still amazes me and I never imagined that anyone other than the Boy and my friends would read this, let alone someone thousands of miles away.

So funny, and great to see how populair some posts are. And how suprised I was that a week ago one (older) post Lady of Yakymour ‘went sky high’! Over 5130 visitors! Thanxx!

I have learnt more about coding and computers than I ever imagined I would, as well as constantly trying to improve my photography skills as well as my writing.

Instagram GIF

Facebook GIF

Pinterest GIF

Twitter GIF

Thinking about other media’s, I also started the accompanying Facebook page some weeks ago, and I am so pleased I have met some amazing people on there. Now I’m thinkin’ of Instagram, maybe Pinterest and Twitter…

I am excited to see where the blog is in another 12 months – hard work pays off, so the World is my oyster.

What I really wanted to say to you all today is…..


Jean Amr


Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Patou Joy Forever, Elie Saab Le Parfum, Roja

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