Shiseido Tokyo Sky Tree Parfum

I love special perfume bottles. Today, four years ago, in 2012 Shiseido Co, Ltd released its original fragrance.

Shiseido released its original fragrance Shiseido Tokyo Sky Tree Parfum (30ml, ¥63,400 including tax) in collaboration with Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Ltd. to mark the completion of Tokyo Sky Tree, a communications and sightseeing tower that boasts the tallest free-standing steel structure in the world, on May 22, 2012. The fragrance, which was launched on the same day, was sold in a limited quantity of 634 units in connection with the tower’s height of 634 meters.

 Shiseido Tokyo Sky Tree Parfum 2012 Limited Edition CrystalA timeless beauty. The outer package has an abstract design showing the steel frame of the Tokyo Sky Tree

The concept of the product is to integrate the two contrasting elements of ‘nostalgia and modern’ based on the theme of ‘Revering the past to create the future’. The fragrance is based on a floral green aroma, finishing with an elegant and Japanese modern aroma. It is a well-balanced harmonious blend that evokes a nostalgic, calm feeling while providing a refreshing and uplifting feeling that conjures hopes and wishes for the future.

In terms of packaging, the stopper of the bottle is reminiscent of the symbolic shape of the top part of Tokyo Sky Tree while the elaborate cut of the bottle itself features a classic perfume bottle shape finished with a Japanese traditional faceting technique. The design expresses an image of people and the surrounding town, which come together centered around Tokyo Sky Tree, shining towards the future.

Regardless, each bottle is engraved with a serial number, making this exquisite product a one-of-a-kind, premium, commemorative fragrance, a timeless beauty!  – but probably only if you don’t open it up and use it.

Now, for those who missed it, surge the internet if you can find one…


by Jean Amr

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