Cartier adds to their Les Heures Voyageuses Collection


Cartier has just revealed their two newest olfactory scents, and they are an emblematic addition to the four other fragrances in the brand’s exclusive Les Heures Voyageuses collection. Cartier’s Oud & Santal and Oud Absolu both consist of an earthy blend of rose, jasmine, vetiver, sandalwood and musky oud, translating a spicy and strong oriental scent.



The Oud Absolu however is a combination of the existing iconic fragrances included in the Cartier Les Heures Voyageuses Collection – Oud & Oud, Oud & Rose, Oud & Music and Oud Radieux.

Following on from the brand’s previous exclusive fragrance launches from the collection, the newly added fragrances are elegantly infused into a glass bottle. In tones of muted yellows and orange for the Oud & Santal fragrance, the Oud Absolu carries a tint of black on the bottle. A transparent gold nod adds to the look, complete with an engraved signature.

ep-160629792Cartier Les Heures Voyageuses Collection

The coveted scents are also available in exclusive packaging, along with the other four fragrances – Oud & Oud, Oud & Rose, Oud & Music and Oud & Radieux, in the Maison’s famed red box, complete with black velvet lining.

Cartier Les Heures Voyageuses Oud Absolu

Les Heures Voyageuses, created by Cartier’s in-house perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, is an immeasurably precious collection of fragrances from around the world. It pays tribute to distant lands for a wonderful olfactory journey. Oud Absolu is the quintessential embodiment of all the fragrances in Cartier’s Les Heures Voyageuses Collection. A fragrance to be worn alone or combined with others, its concentration heightens the voluptuousness and sillage of this collection dedicated to Oud wood and all its mysteries.” Can be worn alone, or layered with other fragrances in the collection.

$380 for 45 ml.

Cartier Les Heures Voyageuses Oud & Santal 

At the heart of the fragrance, a mighty union of two precious woods among the most treasured ingredients in perfumery, used for thousands of years for mystic and traditional rituals. Oud & Santal is composed of real Oud Wood, a new exceptional note, and a smooth and glowing Sandal Wood conjured with a comfit plum for a liqueur-like sensuousness. Oud & Santal is a sophisticated and enveloping fragrance tinged with radiance.

$380 for 75 ml.

Cartier’s new fragrances Oud & Santal and Oud Absolu will be available at Cartier boutiques and selected stores.

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