Ajmal Blu a blue Arabian night

Ajmal Blu

Ajmal Blu, Arabian nights (Click photo to enlarge).

Blu by Ajmal is a, so called, Ozonic Floral Aquatic fragrance for men. It was launched in 2013. Fresh and invigorating, the summer awaits for you to immerse yourself in Blu, a fresh aqua crafted for summer Delight.

Ajmal Blu Eau de Toilette

Ajmal Blu Eau de Parfum (Click photo to enlarge)

It starts off nice and fresh watermelon & bergamot is what is got from the opening and stay’s that way for a good 1, 1.5 hour. Then it slowly evolves to a more of a lavender fragrance ’till the dry down. You will notice lotus & jasmine at times, but neither one plays a bigger role.

  • Top notes: bergamot, lavender and watermelon
  • Middle notes: lotus and jasmine
  • Base notes: sandalwood, amber and musk.

I should say this fragrance is a very linear fragrance, but I like it. Like an Arabian summer night dream.

by Jean Amr

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