Tabbah by the Sea

Founded in 1862, Tabbah is one of the world’s oldest family-owned jewelry houses. This independence enables it to make unencumbered decisions that remain true to the Tabbah vision. Tabbah benefits from total creative freedom and is also unique in controlling the entire manufacturing process: designing, crafting, goldsmithery, polishing and re-cutting.

Exuding a true sense of elegance and refinement, Tabbah jewelries reflect the brand’s values of Art, timelessness, and polyvalence. Each collection is unique in its way, unveiling a story or message. More particularly, Tabbah’s newest looks are a must – staying loyal to its strong history while conveying an artistic and trendy feel for the younger generation. Extending their philosophy of excellence into all their endeavours, Tabbah opens their new curated luxury boutique at Aïshti by the Sea, two years after the opening of their flagship store in Downtown, Beirut.

For this occasion photographer Eli Rezkallah shoot a beautiful ‘Tabbah’ editorial for Plastik Magazine…..

You like the photographes? Shop the limited edition prints here.

The Tabbah Collection contains rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, cufflinks and watches. Exclusive and contemporary pieces from the Baret, Biker, Angel, Lace and numerous other stunning collections are presented at the boutique as well. Tabbah, Ground Floor, Aïshti by the Sea, Antelias T. 04 711 942

Come into the beautiful world of Tabbah.

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