Fiat 500C by Garage Italia Customs for Diesel founder Renzo Rosso


Lapo Elkann is a descendant of Fiat’s co-founder, and his firm Garage Italia Customs specializes in adding a custom design flair to the automaker’s products. For the company’s latest work, it brings a fashion-inspired look to the 500C for Italian fashion house Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, the 555RR

This particular project brought together two Italian specialists: Diesel in fashion and Garage Italia Customs in car customization. I’m proud of the result achieved by my Maestros, who were able to create a car that’s a perfect synthesis of Diesel’s style and rock spirit, exactly what Renzo asked me for.

Lapo Elkann

The 555RR, is a one-off attempts to evoke a ‘spirit of rock’, but that’s a hard style to pull off on just a jolly, little car. While the effect doesn’t pop in these photos, Garage Italia Customs gives the 500C extra bling by using black paint with silver glitter in it. The Swarovski crystals framing the front and rear lights are more obvious, though. To play off these shiny elements, the company paints a matte black stripe over the hood and down the hatch. The crimson trim on the front bumper and around the wheels helps break up the rest of the exterior’s dark demeanor.




Inside, Garage Italia Customs makes specific references to Diesel’s products. In a nod to its biker jackets, the central seats are lined with black lozenge-patterned Foglizzo leather – plus, a zipper runs above the glove compartment on the passenger’s side – matching the black denim design details on the side panels, while the whole of the seat is outfitted with Foglizzo Lord leather. The sides feature a rock touch produced by pleated leather and leather lacing as lateral stitching.

The Fiat 555RR receives a heavy dose of the Diesel brand’s fashion, style and spirit.

The door panels and gear lever cover use denim, while the lever itself features a bright red pommel that replaces the traditional gear numbers for white letters that spell out ‘Enjoy’, and have Rosso’s monogram R on them. The ceiling is also lined with black lozenge-pattern Foglizzo leather.





The Italian tuning house doesn’t discuss any powertrain changes. However, we hope this custom has a diesel engine. It would only be appropriate given the client.

Come into Lapo Elkann’s beautiful world of Garage Italia Customs.





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