Lady Dior Small China Valentine Bag Sold Out Within Few Hours Via WeChat

'Lady Dior Small China Valentine'.jpg

Christian Dior is the pioneer luxury brand to sell its sophisticated ‘Lady Dior Small China Valentine Bag’ on messaging and social network. The French luxury brand has offered its limited edition Lady Dior bags on Chinese mobile app WeChat to commemorate the upcoming Qixi Festival, the Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day. The pink-colored bag would have been available online until Thursday at a price of 28,000 yuan ($ 4,217 – 3800 Euro), however it was sold out within few hours on the first day of the marketing campaign.

For the limited edition ‘Lady Dior Small China Valentine Bag’, consumers could drag the online pictures of the decorations for their purses, tailor-making them to their preferences. Buyers could pay through WeChat for the Valentine-edition tote. The marketing campaign states that the limited edition leather handbag comes in the color of rose powder and is only available in Dior’s online boutique. Later on, however, the fashion hose revealed that the same model will be available in offline shops after August 4 for the same price.

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