Dirk Bikkembergs, be Strong, be Wild


Be strong. Be wild. Be the man who fights for his goals, inside and outside the playground. Dirk by Dirk Bikkembergs is the fragrance for sportsmen, men of style, who are modern and powerful. Dirk aims directly at special consumers who search for a premium sports brand which would offer a modern product of high quality. The new perfume Dirk is ’embodiment of virtue and masculinity of the modern football hero’.

Be strong. Be wild. Be the man who fights for his goals, inside and outside the playground.

This is a fragrance focused on strong will and intensity – two forces which bind football and life into a beautiful game. Light green color of grass in the football field inspired Dirk Bikkembergs to select the color of letters on outer carton and fragrant liquid. The flacon has memorable design, is made of glass and stylized as a football ball. Numerous facets that cut the light and play with strong green shades reflect adrenaline of the game, football glamour and passion.

Model Ignacio Ondategui fronts Dirk Bikkembergs’ debut fragrance campaign for Dirk

Composition of perfume Dirk opens with a ‘super sexy’ fougere combination of green apple, pink pepper and bergamot mixed with geranium, orange blossom and balmy tonka beans. The base is elegant, masculine and cheerful, created of vetiver, animal chords and benzoin.


Fragrance Dirk is available as a 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette, accompanied with perfumed body care products: 200ml shower gel and 150ml spray deodorant.

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