Dior Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Eau Sauvage

The iconic men’s scent Dior Eau Sauvage turns 50 this year, and we’re celebrating with an extra spritz and a bit of history.

Christian Dior Eau Savage GIF


Ask any perfume lover their top fragrances for men and Chtistian Dior’s Eau Sauvage will make the list. (In fact, my own appreciation of the  scent started with a one of the gardener from Yakymour who wears Eau Sauvage).

It’s easy to understand why everyone loves Edmond Roudnitska creaton: Eau Sauvage. The fresh citrus top notes mingle with basil, lavender, cumin and a floral heart atop a woody, green base. It’s light and bright enough to wear every day, but also refined enough to wear with a suit. It’s marketed to men, sure, but the scent is just as at home on women who appreciate citrus and woods. (To me, it’s the ultimate steal-it-from-your-boyfriend fragrance).

After seeing the light in 1966, this year Dior’s Eau Sauvage is celebrating its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, to celebrate, the famed French house highlights the story of this timeless and vivacious fragrance through a fun animated film that is perfectly in line with the spirit of the scent. The short film that moves through the fragrance’s advertising history. From the poolside, to the race car, to the bar (and a quick post-shower stroll too), Eau Sauvage has certainly stood the test of time. It’s a fragrance that manages to be both timeless and undeniably cool and modern, too.

Follow the happenings of a day in the charming life of an elegant Eau Sauvage man by watching this stylish film.

The video pays tribute to the humorous 1960s era through flashes of colors, as Alain Delon, the absolute Eau Sauvage icon, takes over the film with his manly attraction. His features appear on all the faces that constitute the history of the fragrance. As seductive as ever, he surfaces by the pool before he hops into his racing car and escapes.

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