This new facial oil is perfect for the oil-phobic user


Clé-de-Peau-Beauté-Radiant-Multi-Repair-Oil il-CA.jpg

You got an aversion to facial oils? We hear you. While drier-skinned women love how oils sink in effortlessly and instantly rejuvenate the complexion, those with combination or oily skin, will probably avoid oils like the plague.

The new Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Multi-Repair Oil is not only lightweight, it’s relatively affordable for a luxury brand product. Each precious drop in the rose-hued bottle, can be used not just on the facial skin, but on the hair and body. Each drop targets skin and cuticle roughness and dryness and can hydrate for up to 24 hours.


Trust Clé de Peau Beauté to come up with facial oil that’s lightweight, luxurious and multi-purpose.

Enriched with a repair oil complex that contains rice germ, bio evening primrose, rosehip and camellia oils, this oil is rich in γ-linolenic acid, an ingredient often used to treat eczemic skin. This helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function, while a soya bean phospholipid in the formula supports the skin’s architecture, for a firmer, less lined and rejuvenated complexion.


A few drops of Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Multi-Repair Oil is enough.

How to use:

For face:

  • Incorporate this treatment into your nighttime skincare routine.
    Use at any time as desired – after cleansing, after applying lotion, or after applying emulsion.
    For normal usage, release three drops of oil into your palm using the dropper, and smooth over face gently.
    To enjoy the benefits of a relaxing facial massage during your skincare routine, release six drops of oil into your palm using the dropper and perform massage as shown in the illustrations.

For body:

  • After bathing and before skin is completely dry, smooth oil over body. Release sufficient drops of oil into your palm as desired based on the intended application. Perfect for dry patches of skin like the elbows. Get much more benefit after peeling the skin.

For hair:

  • After washing hair, gently towel dry hair and apply a desired amount of oil to ends, to tame frizzy hair.
    Dry hair with hairdryer, avoiding excessive heat.

We like packing the generously-sized bottle on trips as it helps the skin and hair in any emergency. Mix it in with your foundation if your skin is feeling dry and lacklustre, apply it on your cuticles and to tame frizzy hair ends…. it’s what we call a trye Holy Grail.

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