Creed Les Royales Exclusive Collection White Flowers


Creed expands the Royal Exclusives line with three limited edition fragrances launched in 2011: Jardin d’Amalfi, Original Cologne and White Flowers. These fragrances celebrate the 250th anniversary of the house.

Creed White Flowers was inspired by images of paradise and the afterlife. This intoxicating fragrance exudes the brightness of white flowers – fresh, innocent and dynamic, while being seductive and captivating.


Whiteflower is a drift into a dream, into a mellow feeling, into a misty moment. A house on piers, in the clouds, filled with flowers

I walk up the endless spiral staircase of the Tower of Babel, the origin of all languages, seized in a whirl, unstoppable speed. All these voices echo and mingle in my mind. It makes a deafening sound. Petals sigh under my feet, then silence takes over. I move away for the earth, I see the ocean, the glittering waves, the foam, a bird, the mountains covered in snow.

And then I reach the clouds. At the window, no more vertigo, I watch the random choreography of this white matter as it evolves and vanishes in front of my eyes. Sublime and surreal matter. From the inside, I see all the flowers of the world, I’m surrounded by delicacy and exquisite scents. I’m flying.

A picture of paradise – White Flowers takes its heavenly cue from the eternal world, be it beyond the clouds or in dreams. Crafted from handpicked ingredients by sixth-generation Master Perfumer, Olivier Creed, this crisp floral blend became the third bottle in Creed’s The Royal Exclusive Collection.

Top notes: Parma violet leaves, green apple and lemon from Calabria
Heart: Italian and Moroccan jasmine, light geranium, Bulgarian rose
Base: Musk, Indian sandalwood and narcissus

Serene and composed, White Flowers embraces its wearer like a jasmine vine with delicate divinity – a work of art in both form and fragrance.


Creed Les Royales Exclusive Collection White Flowers bottle.jpg


It is offered in a hand-blown Pochet glass bottle etched with the Creed family crest, with a cut-glass top concealing an open-neck pour.

Part of Creed’s The Royales Exclusive Collection – a selection of scents created with the noblest essences and rarest infusion technique. Designed, made and filtered by hand, each exclusive fragrance is presented in a hand-blown glass bottle by centuries-old Parisian glassmaker, Pochet.




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