Dr Sebagh presents the Supreme Day Cream

Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh

With over 30 years as a leading cosmetic surgeon, looking after some of the most famous faces in the world – discreetly – Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh has recently introduced the Supreme Day Cream into his highly regarded, advanced anti-ageing skincare range.

Declaring all-out war on free radicals and environmental damage, in particular HEV light (high energy visible light or photolight which can be as damaging as UVA/UVB) and is emitted by all the screens which are part of everyday life now , the luxurious Supreme Day Cream contains a potent range of innovative ingredients such as anti-oxidants to restore, hydrate and protect the skin.

You know you’re in good hands with Dr Sebagh’s Supreme Day Cream: It protects against the harmful effects of High-Energy Visible light (that’s daylight to us) and gives free radicals their marching orders.

Of course the technology behind this lovely luxury cream is crucial but I love this easily absorbed, silky and feather-light luxury cream and ageing crepe-iness and fine lines appear to have been banished since using it.

DrSebaghSupremeDayCreamDr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream, a triple protecting, hydrating & restoring face cream. Just the thing to segue our complexions from summer to autumn.







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