Six Sense Viktor & Rolf Magic Magic Collection

Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb took our breath away and now the Dutch Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are back at it again with their new ‘magical’ fragrance collection.

Everyone needs a little magic! Continuing in the spirit of their enchanting universe, the Dutch fashion designers present a collection of six magic fragrances: transformative illusions, dedicated to making the impossible, possible. Each fragrance is a masterful composite, blending raw and natural materials with innovative accords. They are a touch of magic!  Their magical potions consist of the following scents:

Viktor & Rolf Magic Dancing Roses

Viktor & Rolf Magic Dancing Roses

The captivating dream of levitating

The ravishing queen of perfumery, the rose, is transformed into delectable liquor, thanks to a juicy and fleshy cherry accord. The addition of saffron accord and a dry leathery suede note enhances the blend with incomparable elegance.


Viktor & Rolf Magic Sage Spell


The addiction of saga becoming a trancending plant

The authentic signature is created by an absinthe accord at the core combined with sage creating a hot and cold effect.


Viktor & Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds

Viktor & Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds

The magic trick of the hardest precious stone

Liquid Diamonds indulges the skin with an opulent balance of floral bouquet and white musk. A crisp, clean accord is associated with a delicated flower bouquet, immersed in velvety enveloping musks to give a cocooning, comforting pleasure. Peony accord brings a light, delicate and subtle petal touch to this mix.


Viktor & Rolf Magic Lavender Illusion

Viktor & Rolf Magic Lavender Illusion

Sensual lavender and refreshing citrus caviar accord, create a wave of sensation both hot and cold.


Viktor & Rolf Magic Sparkling Secret

Viktor & Rolf Magic Sparkling Secret

The magic wand that sublimates a fusing cologne

The rules of classic cologne are disrupted by introducing an effervescent twist. This potion floats as it leads with ginger and grapefruit. The joyful and sparkling brightness of the top is brewed with neroli and white flowers. This floral and voluptuous cocktail is contrasted by vibrant woos and enveloped in a creamy cloud of vanilla bourbon accord and tonka absolute.


Viktor & Rolf Magic Dirty Trick

Viktor & Rolf Magic Dirty Trick

A precious Iris twisted with a procative ink.

Mischievously composed of key accords iris and ink, Dirty Trick beautifully arrests the senses.




Not only are the fragrances magical, their packaging also contain an air of mystery. Each potion is packaged in irregular glass bottles laced with tiny, thin bubbles. The bottles remind you of the the past with an apothecary feel.

The Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection will be available February. For more information on Viktor & Rolf visit: ​






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