Bobbi Brown To The Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set for Holiday

Bobbi Brown To The Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set for Holiday.jpg

Bobbi Brown’s six-piece set with cleansing, detoxifying, and ultra-nourishing skin care formulas to help you take the night off for Holiday 2016

This super-charged skin care routine is all you need to survive party season. This set features an Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover to gently and thoroughly dissolve your makeup, while the emollient-rich Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser leaves skin squeaky-clean without stripping away moisture. The Instant Detox Mask extracts even the most deep-seated toxins and impurities, and the chamomile- and aloe-infused Hydrating Face Tonic soothes stressed-out skin and preps it for hydration. The bestselling Hydrating Face Cream and Hydrating Eye Cream instantly infuse skin with nutrient-rich moisture to help revive your skin.

Bobbi Brown To The Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set contains:

  • Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover 30 mL/1 oz
  • Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser 15 mL/0.5 oz
  • Hydrating Face Tonic 30 mL/1 oz
  • Instant Detox Mask, 75 mL/2.5 oz
  • Hydrating Face Cream 30 mL/1 oz
  • Hydrating Eye Cream 7 mL/0.24 oz

The set is availble now, for $85

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