Agent Provocateur unveils a sultry new fragrance- The Pure Aphrodisiaque

Agent Provocateur unveils a sultry new fragrance- The Pure Aphrodisiaque.jpg

After a decade of delivering exquisite intimates, UK’s premium lingerie brand – Agent Provocateur has launched a brand new perfume, just in time for Christmas, but it may look a little naughty in your stocking.

Agent Provocateur Pure Aphrodisiaque. The unique fragrance is a fine concoction of rich aromas that perfectly reflects onto the brand’s ideology of sultry seduction.

Pure Aphrodisiaque is the lingerie brand’s 17th fragrance release. Defined by the Marquee as ‘sexy, curvy and voluptuous’, each bottle of the Pure Aphrodisiaque is designed to play on your naughty side with its controversial exterior that can easily be mistaken for a rather opulent looking sex toy. Painted in a metallic pink hue, the decanter is given soft to the touch sides that portray the sensuality of a woman’s skin. Apart from the feminine peel, the fragrance also finds its muse in the brand’s popular lingerie line ‘Sparkle’.



The eyebrow-raising bottle, described by the brand as ‘sexy, curvy and voluptuous’, is designed to look like a (very expensive) vibrator.

The seductive blend consists of juicy mandarin, D’Anjou pear, and the sweetness of rich rum. An addictive base of jasmine petals, wild orchid and the luxurious exoticism of Indian sambac add fresh floral notes that are bound to mesmerize even the starkest of souls. Finally, a fresh trail of woods, musks and amber crème bind the scent in an engaging warmth.


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