Maison Poiray’s new creative director Aurélie Bidermann to bring fresh vision


If French Maison Poiray was a letter, it would of course be P. The ‘P’ of Parisians, of Precious stones and the Prestigious rue de la Paix, where the Maison settled in 1975 and rattled the world, the ‘P’ of Place Vendome, with its convictions as in its traditions.

Poiray developed a credence shared by its founders, François Hérail and Michel Ermelin: whether its rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, precious jewelry should be elegant, creative, worn at any occasion and suit any mood. Poiray made this new femininity its own, embracing the edgy style of the early 1970s. It was an immediate success.

The ‘Ma Première’ watch, created in 1987 – a symbol of the Maisons’s watch expertise – put an Art Déco touch to the iconic range. Known for its easily interchangeable styles, it is available in yellow gold, rose or steel, and donned with 2, 4, or 12 lines of diamonds or even the luxurious ‘full pavée’ option.
It used Arabic numerals instead of Roman, played with colors and materials of different bands, which could be changed to suit any style (thanks to its unique clasp opening), from exotic animal skins to neon leather, metallic rice grains to pearls or satin.

In the early 90’s the heart, the emblem of Maison Poiray, made an appearance in many jewelry collections with Coeur Entrelacé. Always a favorite, it evolved to incorporate either gold or diamonds, as well as fine stones and ornaments. The first Maison in Place Vendôme to refuse to only use precious stones, Poiray infused its creations with a rich pallet, offering fine stones as well. With a touch of modernity, these fresh classics had instant success: Parisians loved them, and their popularity kept growing.

Today, the Maison is writing a new chapter, one that could also start with a P: a Paradise that every woman can invent with Poiray.

Today, Aurélie Bidermann has joined the French watchmaking and jewellery company as creative director. The Parisian Maison decided to hand its artistic direction to Aurélie Bidermann, a jewelry designer for more than fifteen years, Bidermann is a pure Parisian globetrotter. Living between the banks of the Seine, New York, and mysterious hiding places in the Mediterranean, she follows her pleasure-seeking flair and her taste for art. Bidermann will still continue to design jewellery for her own eponymous brand.

Poiray still embodies timeless Parisian chic, but with Aurélie Bidermann it will offer…a vision of  luxury that is young, happy and carefree.

Benjamin Lobel, Poiray general manager.

The Parisian jewellery designer founded her own label in 2003, and then launched a fully fledged line. Following disagreements among the partners, the label went into receivership last July.

The situation was resolved in the course of the following three months, after French private equity firm AMS Industries became a majority shareholder. AMS Industries also owns a majority stake in Poiray since 2003.

Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

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