Denton Baxter by Csaba Borbély

After viewing firsthand the repetitive nature of the men’s underwear industry, Csaba Borbély decided to take his extensive experience as a photographer and fashion stylist and launch his own innovative brand of underwear. Beautiful, masculine underwear. Who better to show us the new collection then Denton Baxter, one of Borbély’s favorite models, and ours! Denton proves that being hairy is beautiful and hot!

DDX UNDRWR is the bold brand that caters to men that are secure in themselves both inside and outside.

Since launching in early 2016, DDX UNDRWR has cultivated a following producing high quality underwear in Hungary that use only the best materials available on the market. The brand stands apart as one that offers a fresh approach to its clientele: the calm, cool, and collected man that has a zest for life and strives for menswear that can keep up with his busy lifestyle. For a label that boasts expert quality and international appeal, DDX UNDRWR should top every discerning man’s lists.

Come into the beautiful world of DDX UNDRWR.

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