Ultra Luxury MB & F No. 7 Aquapod

For SIHH 2017, Geneva, Switzerland-based watchmaker MB & F debuts the Horological Machine No. 7 (HM7) Aquapod – and it is pretty dam cool!


The renowned Swiss watchmaking brand MB & F wants to impress all their fans and lovers of watchmaking with its new Horological Machine No. 7 Aquapod …

While diving watch in style, MB&F is quick to point out that the HM7 is not a diving watch. Why? If there is one downside to this marvelous beauty, it is that it only has 50 meters of water resistance. Perhaps we should simply consider this a ‘swimming watch’. Then again, if you have one of these circa $100,000 flying tourbillon-equipped timepieces on your wrist, you likely aren’t going to rely on it in aquatic environments for more than mere wading.


It is a brilliant watch that is absolutely amazing for whatever angle you look at it. This impressive timepiece is the first chorological machines of the brand, which has angled case.

Before discussing the fascinating technical elements of this jellyfish-inspired timepiece design, a few words in general about MB&F at the outset of 2017. As a company, MB&F has done two very difficult things. First, it has been able to capture the hearts and minds of the watch and design enthusiast community for over a decade through a series of product debuts. This means that MB&F’s team including founder Max Busser and its dedicated staff have demonstrated an incredible consistency of quality in almost every product they release. This implies an intense level of focus and likely internal ability to accept and evaluate criticism. What does that mean? I think that MB&F has a good system that allows itself to refine each idea prior to going into production. Moreover, there seems to be a highly effective feedback loop that allows potential issues to be mitigated and refined before anything reaches a consumer. This is the only way that the brand could ensure such consistently good quality in design, technical production, and marketing.


With a diameter of 53.8 mm and a housing which consists of 95 parts, this precious watch has so-called sapphire sandwich, ie inner casing where spherical mechanical automatic movement animates the whole story. One crown of this model is used for winding the watch, while the other is used to adjust the time, creating a perfect balance and visual effect that will delight everyone who look at this model.

MB & F HM7 Aquapod also has plenty of fluorescent detail, which makes it noticeable, even in the deepest darkness. The mechanism has 303 components, frequency of 2.5 Hz and energy reserves for a period of 72 hours. Inspired by the tentacles of jellyfish, automatic rotor of this watch is made of titanium, while the balancing weight is made of platinum. Black belt that looks like it is made of rubber, is actually created Fluorocarbon FKM 70 Shore A elastomer and plays the role of the perfect finishing detail.







This model will be available in versions made of titanium and 18K rose gold, or more precisely 33 pieces of titanium with the price of 98,000 CHF and 66 pieces of gold, with the price of 118,000 CHF.





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