Modus Vivendi releases Handcrafted Line

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-0

With one more stunning new line, Modus Vivendi, continues to present the new lines of its Spring Summer 2017 collection. The line you are about to see is called Handcrafted Line and is a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Handcrafted line comprises minimalistic designs in full black or white with gold accents. It is a luxurious looking collection of five styles of men’s underwear (two styles of briefs, two styles of boxers and jockstraps) and tank tops.

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-1

The, yet again, highly artistic campaign released by the reek brand is inspired by the work of Italian painter Caravaggio. The shoot took place in Athens, Greece and was carried out by top Greek fashion photographer Vangelis Kyris. The model is Nikos Solis, a strong man in elegant and classy poses for the needs of the concept. Outstanding!!

Come into the world of Modus Vivendi and find the collection here: Handcrafted Line

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-10

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-11.jpg

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-2

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-3

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-4

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-5a

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-5



Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-6

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-7

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-8

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