Exceptional Cartier clock with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic






Maison Cartier has designed an accessories collection that stands to its tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately handcrafted pieces act as precious adornments, offering an ever-present touch of elegance.





On of this handcrafted precious pieces is this clock with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic. A limited edition of 20 individually numbered pieces. This exceptional clock is made of palladium-finished 925 sterling silver with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic, black, orange and green lacquer. 2 orange moonstone cabochons, black Roman numerals and palladium-finish apple-shaped hands. The clock has a 6002 MC mechanical movement with an 8-day power reserve.




The dimensions of this exceptional Cartier clock are: 115.5 mm long, 47.5 mm wide and 128.8 mm high.

Beautiful ‘handcrafted’ clocks doesn’t come cheap, $56,500 (excl. sales tax).



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