Louis Vuitton’s Les Parfums leather cases


Louis Vuitton is extending its scented offerings with a new line of travel cases for its much-loved Les Parfums collection. Take a sneak peek here…

Renowned for their trunks, French luxury label Louis Vuitton has now released another new collection of travel must-haves: the Les Parfums leather cases. Created from natural calfskin, the lightweight and stylish pockets for perfume are made exclusively for the Les Parfums fragrance line (100ml and 200ml), including one for the travel spritz (7.5ml) and for the olfactory-obsessed, the Flaconnier – your go-to case thanks to its ability to fit three full-sized bottles inside.


The carriers continue the house legacy of providing perfectly tailored vessels for precious objects, built on Louis Vuitton’s training as a box-maker and epitomised by early examples like the Milano travel chest for grooming products, created in the 1920s and comprising over 50 pieces.

Discover the Les Parfums Louis Vuitton travel cases now…




Available now at Louis Vuitton boutiques across the world, you can even take these leather travel cases a step further by personalising them with your own initials to make it truly yours. The good news? The monograming personalising service is free. The bad? Travel cases are sold sans fragrances, so you’ll just have to fork out a little more to make it a complete set.

Come into the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton.





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