Anna Sui Fantasia



Any Anna Sui perfume is a piece of art. An invitation in a fairytale world where everything becomes possible and a smell becomes irresistible and mouthwatering. This autumn, Anna Sui Fantasia shows up as a new perfume “to remind women of their capacity to dream”.

Fashion designer Anna Sui remains true to the identity and kitschy, fairy-tale style of her brand in the new fragrance appropriately named Fantasia, which comes in a bottle that evokes magical woods and unicorns.

Top notes: pink pomelo, pink pepper
Heart: floral notes, raspberry praline
Base: Himalayan cedar, cypress

Anna Sui Fantasia is a sweet indulgence as it blends praline, raspberry notes with flowers to make its smell lingering. Also, it blends fresh pomelo, pink pepper notes calmed with cypress and Himalayan cedar.



This perfume is adorned with a golden unicorn figure on the top inspiring a priceless and expensive accessory in the hands of any woman. Anna Sui Fantasia is available from september as 30, 50 and 75ml. Eau de Parfum.




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