Christmas Magic With Swiss Line Cell Shock Holiday Kit

Swiss line Cell Shock Holiday Kit 2017Swiss Line is celebrating Christmas with you with a bag full of surprises. In the spirit of giving, Swiss Line has curated some of the well-loved Cell Shock products in a limited-edition vanity case, woven in fashionable metallic silver. The Swiss Line Cell Shock range of products brings about quick fix to angelic skin this Christmas, stealing wrinkles away but not giving Grinch a chance from stealing your Christmas away.

Unwrap Christmas Magic With Swiss Line Cell Shock Holiday Kit:

Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Serum (30ml)

This silky-nectar, anti-wrinkle serum fortified with a triple collagen complex provides a visible line-filling effect by infusing dry skin with intense moisture and lasting resilience. It offers three different paths to collagen refurbishment by increasing the skin’s own collagen production via soluble collagen, strengthening it via a collagen boosting peptide and botanical extracts, and safeguarding it via collagen protective factors.

Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum (15ml)

This luxurious infusion-serum is charged with wrinkle-filling and smoothing ingredients that work together with targeted anti-dark circles actives to recreate a perfect eye zone. The use of this serum completes the anti-aging action of any eye cream as it brings results to virtual ageless perfection.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Total-Lift Rich Cream (10ml)

This velvety rich cream for normal to dry skin envelops the skin with moisture and comfort and helps to prevent the cumulative damage of premature aging.

Swiss Line Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream (10ml)

This silky cream boasts a new ‘slimming’ technology that helps stimulate, regenerate and lift the vulnerable skin of the neck and chin. It dissolves with a cooling sensation, leaving the skin distinctively soft and refined, as if re-sculpted. The profile that lacked suppleness and resilience is reshaped with more delicate and visibly youthful features.

Swiss Line Age Intelligence 3D Hand Cream (15ml)

The first 3-dimensional healing hand cream that can be compared to an ‘invisible glove’. It keeps age-triggering aggressions out and is not ‘washed off’ by regular hand washing throughout the day.




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