Nicole Scherzinger Chosen

Nicole Scherzinger Chosen Banner

Singer and X Factor UK Judge, Nicole Scherzinger, has launched her first fragrance, named Chosen, which she describes as ‘simple and classic’.

I want women to feel chosen, feel loved and feel adored when they wear my fragrance. Every woman deserves to feel that way and one of my absolute mantras to feeling good is to smell good. As a woman I think a scent can make you feel like a million dollars and holds memories you will never forget.

Nicole Scherzinger

The fragrance comprises top notes of apple, orange, peach and pear that intertwine with a heart of jasmine and caramel, while patchouli, vanilla and musk form its warm sexy base.

Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau De Parfum.

Nicole Scherzinger Chosen_100ml_BoxBottle





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