Designing the future: Lamborghini Terzo Millennio



Countach, Bravo, Raptor, Sesto Elemento….. Not many companies do concepts like Lamborghini, and the Terzo Millennio is no exception. Inspired by some iconic designs of Italian design house and carrosseria Bertone – like the Lancia Stratos Zero – it is designed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Terzo Millennio is a look at a future Lamborghini electric car.

Each wheel is driven by an integrated electric engine, with power coming from supercapacitors instead of a conventional battery. The supercapacitors will give the system a very long cycle life and the ability to quickly deliver a high peak power. Sensors in the carbon fiber structure are designed to note any cracks or damages, and systems will immediately repair or ‘self-heal’ the vehicle.










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