Michael Kors Extreme Speed

Michael Kors Extreme Speed Video.jpg

American fashion designer Michael Kors launches one more Extreme perfume for men since the first Extreme Blue perfume was launched in 2005, followed by Extreme Night in 2017. The new edition Michael Kors Extreme Speed is a more spicy/woody perfume to please men during the day. It is manly-man fragrance extremely energetic, a lasting and modern scent.

Top notes: Cardamon, Cypress, Sage
Heart notes: Cinnamon, Violet leafs
Base notes: Patchouli, Cedar, Tolu balm

Michael Kors Extreme Speed opens with oriental/spice notes of cardamom, cypress and sale along with spice cinnamon and violet wood. The base calms with tolu balm, patchouli, and cedar note.


This perfume preserves the original bottle design but colored in a dark blue color. If you like rainy summer days with a fresh air than this perfume will be a great option.

Michael Kors Extreme Speed is available in three sizes as 40, 70 and 120ml Eau de Toilette.





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