Vintage Electric develops limited edition e-bike with surf legend Jeff Clark

Vintage Electric is offering a Jeff Clark e-bike in partnership with Clark, the founder of The Titans of Maverick Surf Contest. This electric bicycle combines vintage design with cutting-edge technology. Only 20 of the bikes will be produced.

Electric bicycles have become so well established that it is impossible to imagine today’s street scene without them. The electric bicycle no longer has a dusty image, but is increasingly seen as a hip style item. Vintage Electric knows this and responds well to it. The American company combines state-of-the-art technology with design aspects from the past.

Surfers have long been associated with their vehicles such as the Woody wagon or Volkswagen bus. Now Jeff Clark’s Signature model steps into that spotlight

Scott Brown, CEO Vintage Electric

The Signature Cruz is one of the last creations of the American company and is produced in an edition of only 20 pieces. The company enlisted the help of surf legend Jeff Clark to create this bike. He helped create this very stylish bike with clear aspects of vintage bikes and beach cruisers.

The bike houses a 702-Watt Lithium battery that makes it possible to cover more than 55 kilometers on a single charge. The top speed of the bike is just under 60 km/h in race mode. The bike features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, combined with a regenerative function to return power to the battery.

The saddle, handles and even parts of the frame are covered with Brooks premium leather. The wheels are provided with a Kevlar layer to prevent punctures. Clark’s influence is particularly evident in its practicality.

It has a detachable surf rack wrapped in Brooks leather. A custom rear rack is fitted with removable Blackburn cases. The hand-finished and laser-etched wooden ‘tank’ bears Jeff Clark-inspired graphics and his signature. It also has integrated front and rear LED lights and a Spurcycle bell.

In short, the bike is perfectly suited for the surf freak. However, we cannot deny that it is also a very nice accessory for it. Surfing or not, this bike looks very good.

If you’re interested, you’ll have to poke around in your pocket. This two-wheeler should cost about €4800. If you say it quickly, it’s not much… Especially when you consider that only 20 copies will be released worldwide.

Come into the beautiful world of Vintage Electric

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