The magnetic essence of Santal Musc


East meets West: a fragrance captures a discreet luxury that’s addictive.
Santal musc transcends boundaries.

Narciso Rodriguez

American fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez conceived a provocative balance of soft woody accords and bright florals with delicacy and nuance. santal musc reinterprets the masculine-feminine frontier with a sensuality both illusive and potent.



The rich top notes of ylang-ylang and cardamom magnify the heart of musk, while the sandalwood brings a lingering oriental woody scent. It results a harmonious and noble accord that enhances the strong personality of santal musc. Altogether this scent is a surprising contrast of deep warmth and silky softness!

The santal musc was meant to be an entirely unique fragrance – very magnetic, very intriguing. I wanted to capture beauty and desire in a scent that both men and women would covet.

Narciso Rodriguez

The designer successfully won the bet: his fragrance, generous, compelling, is a condensed of refinement and voluptuousness that arouses senses.


In order to celebrate the intensity of santal musc, the narciso rodriguez original bottle endows radiant and harmonious gold. Signed by the designer on a serigraphic brass plate and presented in a gold effect jewel-case box, it enhances this supreme example of a captivating eau de parfum.

Beaming and remarkably classy, the bottles of the Oriental Musc Editions stir up desire and embody luxury. Narcico Rodriguez Santal Musc is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Come into the wonderful world of Narcico Rodriguez.





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