Maison Dorin Al Khamsa



French Maison Dorin, founded in the later part of the ancien régime in the 18th Century, became famous as a symbol and quarantor of feminine beauty. The Maison’s perfumes had their debut at the Royal Court in the Regency but became famous during the rule of Marie-Antoinette. Maison Dorin was the house that was very meticulous about their textures and scents that is soon became a favorite amongst French aristocrats and nobility, and in 1780 it became official purveyor to the Royal Court of Versailles.

The first boutique wa opened on the Rue Grenier Saint-Lazare in Paris, a place where all self-respecting noble gathered. Some cosmetic and scented products of the time archieved masterpiece status and brought about the Art of Maison Dorin. Along with transformation of the perfume industry with the advent of science Maison Dorin also started with modernising all its working methods and creating the largest and best equiped labaratories in Paris.

At the end of the 19th century the Frech Maison entered the foreign luxury market and started exporting to the English, Spanish, Russians and Americans. Maison Dorin was the leader in opening enormous shops and important factories for production of – the first – scientifically advanced products.


It was in 1998 that Maison Dorin was rightfuly given a new oppertunity to shine thanx to Bashar and Imane Nasri. In the same year they created The Candle Light Collection in memory of Princess Diana, the proceeds of which went entirely to charities supporting handicapped children. Bashar Nasri, CEO of the group, had devoted himself entirely to the task of keeping alive this exceptional brand, that stands for tradition, art and innovation. Un Air de Paris, the wonderful classic scent created in 1896 was re-launched in 2007. The new versions Un Air de Paris Fruity, Un Air de Paris Floral and Un Air de Paris came one year later.

Maison Dorin’s revival brings a gradual return to core values in perfume making and a need to regain a sense of personality in fragrance. The essence of the niche perfume house remain excellance and quality. Now the French Maison presented their latest collection Al Khamsa, The Dorin Al Khamsa collection includes five beautiful fragrances: Abeyan, Haddian, Hamdani, Koheilan and Saklawi.

According to legend, after a long journey through the desert, the Prophet Muhammad turned his herd of horses loose at an oasis for a desperately needed drink of water. Before the herd reached the water, the Prophet Muhammad blew his battle horn for the horses to return to him. Only five mares responded: the famous Al Khamsa The faithful horses became the legendary founders of the five strains of the Arabian horse. Modern horses that can trace all of their bloodlines to documented Bedouin strains are collectively known as ‘Al Khamsa Arabians’.


The flacons of the Dorin Al Khamsa Collection are a tribute to the breeders and their important role of in keeping their traditions and the bloodline purity ongoing.

Dorin Al Khamsa Hamdani

Al Khamsa Hamdani by Maison Dorin is a oriental spicy fragrance for men and women.

Top notes: Citrus · Aromatic (geranium). Heart notes: Floral (rose, violet) · Fruity (rasberry) · Spicy (coriander, safran, cardamon). Base notes: Woody (patchouli, agarwood) · Musky Ambery · Sweet · Leather.


Dorin Al Khamsa Saklawi

Al Khamsa Saklawi by Maison Dorin is a woody spicy fragrance for men and women.

Top notes: Citrus (lemon). Heart notes: Spicy (cinnamon, cardamon, safran, pepper) · Slightly Fruity (rasberry). Base notes: Woody (agarwood, sandalwood, gayac) Balm · Leather · Sweet.


Dorin Al Khamsa Koheilan

Al Khamsa Koheilan by Maison Dorin is a woody/floral/musk fragrance for men and women.

Top notes: Citrus (bergamot, lemon) · Aromatic (artemisia, chamomile) · Aldehyde. Heart notes: Floral (jasmin, iris, ylang) · Fruity · Spicy. Base Notes: Woody (santalwood, patchouli, agarwood, cedarwood, vetiver) · Musky · Sweet · Ambery · Leather


Dorin Al Khamsa Haddian

Al Khamsa Haddian by Maison Dorin is a woody/spicy fragrance for men and women.

Top notes: Anisic · Green. Heart notes: Floral (jasmin) · Fruity (rasberry) · Spicy (cumin, pepper) · Incense. Base notes: Woody (cedarwood, agarwood, sandalwood, patchouli) · Leather · Musky · Sweet (vanilla).


Dorin Al Khamsa Abeyan

Al Khamsa Koheilan by Maison Dorin is a woody/floral/musk fragrance for men and women.

Top notes: Citrus (lemon). Heart notes: Floral (rose, jasmin, violet, lilly of the valley, gardenia) · Fruity (melon, coconut). Base notes: Woody (agarwood, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood) · Leather · Musky

The fragrances of the Dorin Al Khamsa Collection are all for men and women. In my personal opinion the flacons look a bit ‘cheap’ and are too much feminine. I won’t believe that any men would buy them for himself. A pitty, because the fragrances are real beautiful. Maybe he will ‘steal’ it from his wife of girlfriend. So watch out ladies!

The Dorin Al Khamsa Collection is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Come in the wonderfull world of Mason Dorin.






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