Sadiaa Launches As Premier US-Based Black Hair And Beauty Directory


Sadiaa has launched as the premiere online beauty directory dedicated to Black hair and beauty. The comprehensive platform aims to be a one-stop hair and beauty resource, including business profiles, news, events and product reviews.

Black women and women of color can search the growing directory of hair and beauty business and services by name, city, zip code or category. Categories include hair, makeup, fashion, health & wellness, skin care, nails and more. The new directory also gives businesses the ability to amplify their reach to an active and engaged audience that not only wants, but is seeking, their services.

The site is the brainchild of beauty editor and developer Stephenetta Harmon who was tired of digging through lists and web searches to find Black-owned brands and products.

Studies show we spend nines time more on hair and beauty needs, yet are the least considered when it comes to diversity in product choices, services and marketing. I have met women all over the country, who like me, are not just searching for where to get our hair done, but all aspects of beauty — from where to find Black-owned beauty supply stores and hair care brands to fashion and dermatologists. We were all frustrated to learn that a directory dedicated to Black beauty didn’t already exist in the US. That’s why I created Sadiaa – to make beauty easy and accessible.

Stephenetta Harmon

At launch, Sadiaa has listed more than 200 businesses, including over 100 Black-owned beauty supply stores, with plans to grow exponentially throughout 2018. The site offers both free and paid listing options for businesses. The brand also looks forward to presenting or hosting events throughout the country that highlight various Black-owned brands and address topical hair and beauty concerns.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Sadiaa.





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