A princess perfume, Nina Ricci Bella

Nina Ricci Les Belles De Nina Collection Banner I.jpg

French Maison Nina Ricci fills up its famous Les Belles de Nina Bella Collection with one more delicious, fresh and tempting fragrance simply named Bella. The collection having two more wonderful fragrances Nina (2006) and Luna (2016), have gained great success among its wearers due to their easy, light, and sensual aromas ideal to be worn during the day.

Nina is conceived as a romantic dreamer, Luna is the mysterious one, and Bella is sexy, daring and rebellious. Nina Ricci Bella comes as a refreshing and revitalizing new fragrance with a modern approach and very attractive. I adore these apples from Nina Ricci Collection – they are not expensive, are very light, airy, pure and delicious. A great accessory in the hands of any modern-princess girl. I adore their simple and gorgeous designs, as well as sweetly/feminine aromas. 

Nina Ricci Les Belles De Nina Collection Banner II

Nina Ricci Bella is a fresh and vibrant acidic floral-fruity, dominated by ‘indulgent’ rhubarb and the ‘romantic femininity’ of Rose Jelly notes. The sweet and green accord of rhubarb consits of green citrus notes, rhubarb itself and vanilla. The Rose Jelly accord includes aromas of rose, freesie and white musk.

Nina Ricci Bella opens to impress with a new freshly combination made of green mandarins and daringly indulgent rhubarb along with other romantic notes to accentuate the deep femininity. It also blends floral notes of roses, freesia, calming with white musk and sweet vanilla. 


Nina Ricci Bella Flacon

The flacon keeps the signature apple shape of the line, but this time decorated in pop green, which is intending to be daring and magnetic. Golden leaves and a ladybug adorn the top of the flacon.

Nina Ricci Bella is available as 30, 50 and 80ml Eau de Toilette.  





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