Juicy Couture Oui


Juicy Couture is always inspiring and delighting its wearers with new attractive, unusual, and flamboyant perfume bottles. Any of its perfumes are simply eye-catching, as well as nicely aromatic with distinctive smells. They are characterized as modern, soft, vibrant, and sweet floral. This summer, Juicy Couture Oui appears as a new perfume for women on the market. Oui – meaning yes, is a fragrance that simply vibrates positive emotions, emanates warm feelings with its delicious distinctive aroma.



Juicy Couture Oui opens to seduce with fresh and delicious watermelon note along with fresh acai green tea and pear notes calming with floral accords of jasmine absolute, tuberose softened with sweet honeysuckle note. The woody base settles down with amber, wood and musk notes. This is an everyday perfume with a pleasant fresh aroma with flirty hints. Women will find it really attractive and easy. 


Juicy Couture Oui is sealed in a gorgeous two-color bottle that instantly attracts the attention due to bright pink/red colors adorned with golden Oui pendant.  

Juicy Couture Oui is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum. 






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