Porsche Taycan starts the fight



Porsche is gradually getting ready for a new chapter. The Mission E, the pristine white concept car that was presented in Frankfurt in 2015, will be his first electric production car. In his final form he will be called Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan will be the first fully electric car of the iconic German sports car brand. It is expected that this model will be on the market next year, and should become a competitor of the Tesla Model S. The company says the new vehicle will look like a Porsche and drive like a Porsche. Porsche has also confirmed the Taycan will have a wagon-like crossover version available, too.

On paper, the electric four-door coupé is very promising. And also from the first screw to the last bolt, because Porsche pulls out billions to also keep the production process as environmentally friendly and people-friendly as possible. A serious investment that will all have to be recovered. With around 20,000 Taycans on an annual basis, Porsche believes it can be realized. A viable goal, given the volumes that Tesla realizes with his Model S. But then the price must also be perfect.


In addition to the iconic brand name, with the help of Rimac Automobili, De Taycan has one more important asset: the car can load 100 kilometers of action radius in four minutes. This would be the fastest charging time on the market, according to Porsche.

Porsche bought 10% of the company shares of Rimac Automobili. A smart move by the Zuffenhausers, because with the acquisition of a business interest Porsche gets access to the genius think tank of the just 30-year-old Mate Rimac, and that is now very useful. Rimac doesn’t only impresses with sickly fast, whisper-quiet cars, but also manages to convince other electrification techniques, such as fast-charging systems. Porsche was also interested in this, after ‘perfectionist’ Christian von Koenigsegg already knocked on Rimac with the question whether the Croatians want to supply the electrical systems for the Regera.

The promised loading time of the Taycan is faster than what Tesla promises at the network of Superchargers. Because there are other standards for fast chargers in Europe and the United States, it is sometimes difficult to compare apples with apples.


The Dutch site EV database gives the following estimate for the charging speed of a Tesla Model S P100D of 150,000 euros: to get from 10 per cent to 80 per cent battery capacity (increase the range from 49 km to 388 km) 40 minutes is required with a fast charger, where a so-called phase 3 connection is required.

For the Porsche Taycan EV Database gives the estimate that boosting from 10 percent to 80 percent (range from 42 km to 332 km) can be done in no less than 15 minutes. This would indeed be considerably faster than the Tesla Model S. The range of the Taycan on one battery will average 415 km.

This loading speed is only available at Porsche’s own charging stations. They come from Porsche dealers around the world, although the exact locations are far from known. Porsche promises that the Taycan has about 600 horsepower and 100 km per hour in 3.5 seconds.


The maximum range of the Model S is slightly higher than that of the Taycan, but Porsche thinks with the much faster loading time, that this is something that potential buyers attach great value to.

In the interior Porsche will handle the necessary high-tech properties, such as a digital control panel that follows the movements of the driver. Furthermore, the Taycan gets all kinds of gadgets to simplify driving, such as a parking function. The car will probably be able to drive traffic on its own.

The Porsche Taycan is expected to be on the road by the end of next year. So much brainstorming has already been done about its pricing. Porsche ultimately comes to a tariff that probably lies between that of the Cayenne and that of the Panamera.


So far, Tesla hasn’t had a ton of competition (no offense to Nissan, Chevy and others). But with Porsche entering the mix with a real stud, only one thing’s for certain: This race is about to get exciting.




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