Hapiness bottled: Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana



Sadly, the summer is coming to its end, but many perfume brands still create warm, hot, sunny/florescent perfumes to prolong us more in the summer. This late summer days, Jo Malone releases a new unisex perfume Honeysuckle & Davana.

Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is based on honeysuckle, composed in a different way from the predecessor Honeysuckle & Jasmine from 1999, again dealing with the sweet honeyed aroma of this lovely flower and the wild nature of England.


Honeysuckle is a quintessential English flower, and it’s not a flower we talk about a lot in perfumery. In England, it’s very rare to not have a story about honeysuckle. It always brings you back to a happy moment. It grows wild and almost surprises you. With a rose, you go to smell it in your garden. With honeysuckle it surprises you on your walk.

It was very important for me to capture the bucolic feeling – that pleasant feeling of countryside life – as well as all the facets of the honeysuckle flower. Honeysuckle is a complex, particular flower, there are a lot of facets, and it’s the creamy, addictive part of the honeysuckle that we use.

Anne Flipo

The sunny creation of Honeysuckle & Davana is based on a floral theme, sweetened with a vibrant, fruit-green aroma.


Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is a happy new floral, winding through the English countryside. Created by perfumer Anne Flipo, Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana in its opening seduces with the green an fruity sweetness of davana which leads to fresh roses and wild honeysuckle layeredon an accord of moss.


Climbing. Twisting. Ever more alluring after dark. Fresh with rose and the aromatic, fruity twist of davana. Woody with moss. Warmed by sunshine. Davana is a green plant with hints of liquorice that brings vibrancy to the fragrance and a touch of a fruity note. English honeysuckle, with a radiant floralcy, brings a rich character to the heart of the fragrance. Evocative of undergrowth damp with fresh rain, the verdance of moss cushions the base of the fragrance in earthy, woody warmth.

Happiness bottled. Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is available as 30 and 100ml Cologne along a 200gr. perfumed candle.





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