Let’s go in Riviera, with Fred


Rainbow brights are here to stay, hot weather or not. Not only is it trending something fierce in the beauty realm, it would seem the neon hues have spread their cheer over to the luxe end of things, if Fred’s new summer collection of its signature Force 10 bracelet is anything to go by.

Can’t get enough of Fred’s Force 10 bracelet? There’s now more to love with with the new Summer Pop editions.

Named Summer Pop – surely because these eye-catching colours call to mind a mouthwatering popsicle – each vibrant band switches up the Fred aesthetic with an extra element of fun and creativity. And if a piece of jewellery could talk, this version of the Force 10 would be saying ‘beach, please!’ on repeat, so strong are it holiday feels.


Fred Force !0 Bracelets

Available in five sunny and bold colours such as lemon yellow, grass green, turquoise blue, fuchsia pink and bright orange, the bracelet’s iconic Fred buckle even comes in a similar shade to complement its woven band, gleaming in a lacquered finish to add some glam and gloss. Layer it with your staple black Force 10 or with your very own customised piece but however you style it, just don’t leave your summer chalet without it.






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