Cartier Carat

Carat Cartier for women banner

French ‘Haute Joaillier’ Cartier introduces a new breath-taking perfume for women, Cartier Carat. Cartier Carat perfume is all about a precious and luxurious perfume, just like a priceless diamond. A lot of perfumes are released each day, but not all of them deserve to be bought or even smelled. The French Maison is always delighting and seducing its wearers with must-have fragrances that are simply irresistible and tempting. 

Mathilde Laurent wanted to create a perfume that would shine equally, lively and intense as diamonds do.

Cartier Carat is created by the in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent as a powdery/floral perfume with floral hints to make it very sensual, daring, and modern. A flower full of life. An explosion of pleasure and freshness with molecules of joy loaded with crystalline energy. To accomplish this, Mathilde Laurent desided to imitate an optical phoneme that is characteristic of diamonds: diffration of color. So she choose seven different fresh flowers that, when combined, formed a new, abstract flower.

The composition represents the colors of a rainbow in the form of flowers, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow. It opens with seductive ylang-ylang along with floral accords of violet, iris, and hyacinth calmed with sweet honeysuckle and aromatic spring tulips.

Carat Cartier for women

Cartier Carat has a gorgeous sparkling design inspiring a precious diamond coloured in 7 different attractive shades. 

Cartier Carat is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. 





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