Discover the new Charriol Marie-Olga’ ladies watch


Luxury Swiss jeweller and watchmaker Charriol is delighted to unveil a feminine and refined new line of timepieces. ‘Marie-Olga’ is a jewellery watch that has been crafted with style, artistry and attention to detail.

The watch is named after Marie-Olga Charriol, who is the Charriol founder’s wife and the brand manager of Public Relations and Events. Devoted to her family and passionate about her work, Marie-Olga perfectly represents the multi-faceted modern woman. Her natural elegance embodies the feminine, glamorous spirit of Charriol.



As a former model and actress, Marie-Olga has always had a strong interest in watches and fashion. She has also been a keen horse rider since a very young age, and her love of horse riding inspired her to create the Charriol Ladies Polo Cup: all-female polo tournaments that celebrate skill, courage and women’s teamwork. The ‘Marie-Olga’ timepiece cleverly brings together its namesake’s passions for horlogerie and horse riding, thanks to a unique detail: the decorative manille hook, a sophisticated horseshoe-shaped element connecting the strap to the case.

In addition, the design includes a multi-strand bracelet featuring the brand’s signature finely twisted steel cable, a rose gold or yellow gold case and a black or white dial. The hours are marked with diamonds or elegant, oversized roman numbers, the bezel and hook of some variants are adorned with 148 white diamonds for added luxury and sparkle.


Other special details include a discreet opening and locking mechanism, hidden at the point where the strap meets the top of the watch case, and the smooth, pebble-like case, which is gently rounded to ensure a perfect fit on the wrist. The diamond-embellished ‘Marie-Olga’ is the ideal jewellery watch for exclusive evening wear, while the simpler two-tone editions are perfect everyday watches and excellent gifts for any occasion.

Come into the wonderful world of Charriol.




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