Tom Ford Ombré Leather (2018)



Fashion house Tom Ford creates breathtaking and outstanding fragrances, which can be easily worn by men and women as well. All of them are created of very rare and exquisite ingredients, nicely and temptingly sealed in amazing bottles to leave behind unforgettable aromas.

Tom Ford Ombré Leather is a deeply textural scent that imprints you with a tactile sensuality. It makes one feel different, beautiful, and desired.

Tom Ford

This autumn shows up a perfectly new perfume for both men and women, Tom Ford Ombré Leather 2018 – a flanker to Ombré Leather 16 from 2016. Leather notes in a perfume, especially in mens, are simply gorgeous. I simply adore the masculinity of leather and wood in a perfume that smells so unique and elegant.


Tom Ford Ombré Leather 2018 is the new updated and modern version of the original perfume, which is more better improved. Those wearers that adored the original perfume or at least the Tuscan Leather perfume, will find the new version more captivating, tempting, not overpowering, and will get lots of compliments whenever put it on.

Vast. Untethered. Driven. Freedom comes from within, the desert heart of the west wrapped in leather. It moves forward, untethered, through the still air of wide-open space. Dust on wind, skin on skin, Ombré Leather reveals itself like a landscape in layers, where stretches of rock transform into sunrise blonde low on the horizon.

Top notes: Cardamom
Heart notes: Jasmine sambac, Leather
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Patchouili

Ombré Leather 2018 opens spicy cardamom notes along with intense leather accords and Jasmine Sambac. The woody base calms with amber, musk, and patchouli. Simple, yet memorizing and long-lasting.



I consider the new TF perfume an ideal accessory for any time of the year, and for any occasion. The intense leathery/woody fragrance is not overwhelming, yet maintaining a nice and lingering aroma.

Tom Ford Ombré Leather 2018 is available in 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.





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