XerJoff Shooting Stars Collection


The XerJoff brand was launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles. Distinctive fragrances composed of the finest ingredients, in exquisite packaging.

In 1947, an awe-inspiring shower of meteorites fell to earth in Eastern Siberia, beyond the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains. Each fragrance in the Shooting Stars collection has been chosen to reflect the special nature of this event: a real meteorite fragment from this fall has been placed in each gift box together with the perfume flacon itself, crowned with a gold plated stopper.


XerJoff Amber Star & Star Musk



Smoldering and smoky resinous with bold promising notes of myrrh to emphasize its supernatural quality, Amber Star is composed by the most enchanting elements of sensuality married with the creamy opulent ambergris to create a voluptuous aura. Warm, powdery, resinous, luxuriously animalic and deep with shades of vanilla, Star Musk is an aristocratic olfactory experience.

Presented together in a creamy white leather coffret, XerJoff Amber Star & Star Musk are available as 50 ml Parfum each.


XerJoff Blue Hope



Blue Hope opens with the positive vibe of premium delicious musty saffron and bergamot. From a smooth touch of cedar added with jasmine and a fluffy hint of animalic nuances to keep the structure robust. The vanilla, beside the saffron and the whimsical jasmine, deliver a juicy and a sweet joyous scent.

XerJoff Blue Hope is available as 100 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Red Hoba



While gourmand fragrances are usually underestimated, Xerjoff unveils Red Hoba to underline the magical power of gastronomic scents and their unique characteristics. Red Hoba is a comprehensive buffet of dark gourmand notes set in one direction to unify a perplexing and highly intriguing ambiance.

XerJoff Red Hoba is available as 100 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Uden



Uden is a saline aquatic fougère and a warm tropical citrus with a vanilla ambrosial sonata. A highly versatile modern perfume producing incredible sensations.
Aristocratic, simple, charming, casual and prestigious

XerJoff Uden is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Lua



An oriental fragrance, a gourmand combination with notes of lemon, italian bergamot and melon, merged with the Bulgarian Rose and precious Florentine Iris. The capricious fruity savour is entwined in the musk and warm woody base to evoke a romantic summer night and its sensual comfort.

XerJoff Lua is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Ibitira



Delicate and elaborate, Ibitira flourishes with its Haitian vetiver, Iris from Florence, Bulgarian rose and sparkling citrus accord. Romantic and sensual Ibitira also exhibits a strong personality with a thriving floral and exuberant semi-aldehydic facet.

XerJoff Ibitira is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Nio



Nio is a remedy for the hot Mediterranean summer weather. An intense and astringent citrus accord mingles with cardamom, pink pepper and luring jasmine which heralds a rich, however subtle, amber woody base.

XerJoff Nio is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Dhajala



Dhajala is floral, resinous and rich in character, romantic for a dreamy night, piercing like Cupid’s arrows and as mysterious as a kaleidoscopic pattern. Floral, delightful, softly spicy, and balmy, Dhajala leans to a sumptuously musky dry down.

XerJoff Dhajala is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Esquel



A feminine oriental fougère that courageously exhibits an aromatic amber-tinged lavender allied with citruses and the powdery vibe of precious Iris. Rose, Vetiver and Cinnamon provide the throne for Patchouli and Opoponax, and the final touch is provided by the Fava Tonka beans.

XerJoff Esquel is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Oesel



Oesel opens with touches of Mediterranean citrus notes combined with Bulgarian notes, Acacia flowers and Jasmine sambac from India. The elegant base notes evolves around patchouly cedar wood and Tobacco.

XerJoff Oesel is avialable as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Cruz del Sur 1



In the air smells of rum, of bergamot and of vague hints of grapes. We advance, and approach the inner landscape of desire by walking through scents of lily, cedar, dried fruits, cloves, cumin. Your closed eyes, overwhelmed by the solid base of sandalwood,
amber, ladanum, incense, myrrh and castoreum, testify to a frantic search for the mythical city of gold that is much more than an obsession.

XerJoff Cruz del Sur 1 is available as 50 ml Parfum.


XerJoff Cruz del Sur 2



Inspired by the mystery and majesty of the untouched tribes of the South American jungle, Xerjoff’s Cruz Del Sur series radiates with compellingly fresh energy and the thrill of exploration. The largest green space on Earth deserves such an inspiration. Among millions of uncontaminated perfumes, mango, apple blossom and pineapple are the most radiant ones. Exotic flowers and green herbal scents wrapped up in candied fruity notes deliver a graciously authentic Amazon charme.

XerJoff Cruz del Sur 2 is available as 50 ml Parfum.

XerJoff Perfumes are available in very selected stores worldwide and at XerJoff.





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