Ayr Skin Care Introduces Restore Night Cream To Empower Mature Women


Ayr Skin Care Introduces ‘Restore Night Cream’ to empower mature women with an all natural weapon to minimize wrinkles and rejuvenate dry or sensitive facial skin while they sleep over the longer nights of fall and winter.

Nighttime is the perfect time to restore skin. Our Restore Night Cream is packed with a unique blend of effective plant-derived anti-aging ingredients to gently and deeply hydrate, feed and moisturize your skin while you sleep.

Fiona Briggs, daughter of Ayr Skin Care Founder Kirsten Thomas, and Avr Skin Care vice-president marketing and operations

“Restore Night Cream primarily employs three natural ingredients that make this new face cream a game changer”, Briggs said. The cream contains a new ingredient – Imperata cylindrica extract – a plant extract from Cogon grass. The extract is rich with potassium and 3-dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) to draw water into skin cells. It effectively plumps skin cells and reduces wrinkles for as long as 24 hours after application.

Restore Night Cream also deeply moisturizes the skin with Saccharide Isomerate – a natural sugar from beets. The Ecocert approved ingredient binds to skin cells and creates a moisture reservoir for as long as three days. The base of the cream is completed with acetyl hexapeptide 8. It’s eight peptides which help build collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten skin primarily around the eyes and mouth.

Restore Night Cream also contains organic shea butter, Babassu, jojoba oil, evening primose oil, and green tea extract. A soothing extract from early-purple orchids brightens and lightens skin and freckles. And unlike the Ayr Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream for daytime use, Restore Night Cream also has collagen-revitalizing vitamin C.

The light citrus fragrance, is a very light fragrance, and isn’t floral, which makes it more unisex and just as useful for men.

Fiona Briggs

The new Restore Night Cream comes in a one-ounce airless pump jar for $65. The product is launching at a special rate of $49 plus free shipping for the month of its release, October 2018. Briggs said to use just enough to cover your face with a thin layer in the evening after washing. A jar, she added, should last for about two months

The Restore Night Cream and the rest of the Ayr Skin Care product line has its origins from creams, serums, soaps, and oils that Briggs’ grandmother made for her mother when she was little. The company is named after the west coast Lowlands town where Briggs’ grandmother was born – Ayr, Scotland. Come into the beautiful world of Ayr Skin Care.





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