Johnnie Walker launches its first 50 year old whisky

The John Walker Matsers’ Edition Scotch whiskey is one of the most memorable Johnnie Walker whiskeys ever. The triple matured Scotch whiskeys are made from six exceptionally rare whiskies. Each whiskey is at least 50 years old and with that the first 50 year old whiskey from Johnnie Walker was born.

The whiskeys of the John Walker Masters’ Edition come from distilleries that existed during the lifetime of founder John Walker. Some distilleries, such as the Glen Albyn and Glenury Royal distillery, no longer exist today. However, the Blair Athol distillery, one of the most famous distilleries in Scotland, is still in operation. The other three grain whiskeys used come from the haunted distilleries of Caledonian, Cambus and Port Dundas.

A total of 100 bottles of this special Scotch whiskey have been produced. Each presented in a custom made, individually numbered, rare double encased black crystal Baccarat decanter. Of course, the packaging of a whiskey of this level should not just be in a ‘box’. The box in which the spectacular Johnnie Walker comes was developed by NEJ Stevenson, Cabinet Makers. A craftsman who is characterized by work for the British Royals – not just any name.

Every drop of the whiskey has been hand selected from some of the most valuable and precious casks of malt and grain whiskeys that have been in storage for over 20 years. So reports Jim Beveridge, Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender. Blenders from Johnnie Walker discovered the barrels two decades ago. They decided to keep the barrels, to use for a special moment; John Walker Masters’ Edition. With this very exclusive edition, Johnnie Walker pays tribute to the whiskey masters who worked on whiskey a long time ago.

For $25,000 you can get an exclusive bottle of the John Walker Masters’ Edition, which will be available in limited markets. One bottle will be auctioned at Bonhams, Hong Kong in 2019. Come into the beautiful world of Johnnie Walker.

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