Dave Mantel for #FreeAGirl



Freedom is a matter of course for us. Freedom to choose your own future, freedom to go where you want, freedom to say no, freedom to decide for yourself about your life. @Freeagirl’s work is so important! Millions of girls and children are being exploited, traded, and forced into prostitution.

For many girls around the world, this freedom is NOT a matter of course. They are abused, exploited, traded and raped. A life without a future, a life without an inch of freedom. That’s why I am, as # ambassador, fight for the freedom of these children!

Dave Mantel, actor, photographer

Partly thanks to #freeagirl, these liberated girls can again back to school and be photographed! Support us! Next Monday, the founders and ambassadors of #FreeAGirl join the #bijlmerbajes for a Kickoff of the #lockmeup promotion! Join! Come to the prison and sign up.

Photographes: Dave Mantel @davemantel_visual_stories

Support Dave Mantel, and help #FreeAGirl free even more girls! Go to www.lockmeup.nl and sign up! Or support his participation and donate via: https://www.lockmeup.nl/dave-mantel.

Photographes: Dave Mantel @davemantel_visual_stories.





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