Dior Newborn Teddy Bear



Over the past 50 years, Dior has drawn on all its expertise to delight young parents and elegantly celebrate the arrival of their newborns through exquisite and welcoming Baby Dior collections. See all of Dior’s expertise in our gift selection. Whether traditional or modern, make life’s biggest moments all the more special with the perfect gift!


The emblematic teddy bear from the Baby Dior collection is the perfect little friend for babies right from their birth! In addition to soft toys, it also features in a newborn set for all of baby’s adventures. The Teddy Bear set comprises a hooded bath towel, a pair of booties and a soft toy, all adorned with a cute bear and made from cotton jersey and faux fur.


Teddy bear is made of cotton velour and faux fur. Cotton velour is a very warm and comfortable fabric, ideal for newborns.

Dior Newborn Collection also contains bunting bags, sleepingsuits, pyjamas, jumpsuits, poplin bibs and several New Born Gift Sets.

Come into the beautiful – and very soft – world of Dior New Born Gifts.





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