The first Guerlain Boutique in the Middle East opens in Riyadh


French Maisoon Guerlain opened its first boutique in the Middle East in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, The store, Guerlain Parfumeur, which is located in the Saudi capital’s Riyadh Park is completely dedicated to its fragrances.

Guerlain invites you to discover the World and Wonders of the perfumer. Jicky, L’Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Shalimar, Vétiver, Samsara, Mon Guerlain, Santal Royal etc. are all iconic creations with the ability to take the imagination on a journey through time and space.

The new boutique showcases the rich and unique world of Guerlain. Designed as a fragrance library, the only one of its kind in the world, the store allows you to explore 190 years of creativity and passion. An impressive 110 fragrances out of the 1,100 the longstanding French house has created since 1828 are presented as 110 chapters in the history of French perfumery.







They are classed according to the perfumers’ 14 favourite raw materials. These natural raw materials, known as the ‘Guerlinade’, are beloved by the brand that also specialises in skincare and cosmetics, and they perfectly express its spirit of creativity and audaciousness, plus the art of intense concentrations and compact formulas.

Whether its the founder, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, exploring Imperial Russia in a stage coach on the search for his birchessence, Jacques Guerlain and his Indonesian Benzoin, or Thierry Wasser and his Indian Vetiver, the boutique is all about sensorial discovery.


As well as entering the world and wonders of the perfumer and getting acquainted with iconic creations like ‘Eau Imperiale’, ‘Jicky’, ‘L’Heure Bleue’, ‘Shalimar’, ‘Mitouko’, ‘Parure’, ‘Vétiver’, ‘Samsara’, ‘Santal Royal’ and ‘Mon Guerlain’ (to name just a few), the store extends exclusive fragrance offers.

What’s more, you can discover your fragrance profile thanks to a digital consultation. Fun, fast and incredibly accurate and efficient, the digital consultation allows you to find your signature fragrance with just a few clicks. And not only for women!







Plus, of course, there’s that all-important customisation service. The coloured bee bottles, which are exclusively available at the Guerlain Parfumeur boutique, can be refilled at the fountains, affirming Guerlain’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Guerlain Parfumeur Location: Riyadh Park – Ground floor, next to Entrance 2. Come into the beautiful world of Guarlain.

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