Roberto Cavalli Florance Ambre


Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli launched a new perfume and a new pillar of their perfume collection called Florence. The collection is dedicated to the roots of the fasion designer, inspired by Tuscan landscapes. The first flanker of the line comes out early this year as Florence Ambre.

As she walks through the palace, the amber light of the setting sun that flows through the wrought-iron gate caresses her skin, giving her body a fascinating radiant aura. So begins a new scent fairy tale by Roberto Cavalli, the Italian designer born near Florence, who has shaped the Mediterranean-glamorous style like no other. His animal prints make his fashion unmistakable.

Florence Ambre, as well as the original, is created by perfumer Marie Salamagne as a chypre-floral fragrance. The limited edition captures the unique charisma of the city of Florence and turns it into a precious and addictive fragrance. Bright, generous and very seductive, it reveals a new facet of the Roberto Cavalli Florence woman. Bathed in golden light, it exudes sensuality and ultimate femininity.


Roberto Cavalli Florence Ambre retains its elegant flacon from the previous perfume. Motifs that sparkle in the glass remind you of traditional Italian glass making. They play with light and form fascinating patterns. The yellow tint reflects the scent that resembles daylight.

Roberto Cavalli Florence Ambre is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum at Roberto Cavalli boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the wonderful world of Roberto Cavalli.




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