One of Maison Boucheron’s icons gets a radiant remake


In 1858, Frederic Boucheron set out to create one of the most respected (and oldest) jewellery houses known today. Several of Boucheron codes have been embodied in every collection that has been put forward, and perhaps its most iconic range, the Quatre, represents an iconic code of the French Maison: architecture.

As one of the world’s top jewellers to land at the legendary Place Vendôme well over a century ago, Boucheron’s Quatre collection has become the brand’s most iconic line since its launch in 2004, highlighting different patterns found at the luxury Parisian square that celebrate the Maison’s rich heritage in a unique and timeless form.

A celebration of the maison’s savoir-faire and the skill of sculpting precious materials, the Quatre collection remains different yet, features a unique and classic form. Consisting of four rings – referencing Boucheron’s codes (think Grosgrain, line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris) – the jewels are distinctive, daring and deliver excellence with striking combinations of golds and textures.


Undoubtedly the most graphic of all Quatre collections, the Quatre Radiant line features two new additions that include an openwork version of the Clou de Paris motif. Titled the new Quatre Radiant Edition ring, the pieces come adorned in yellow good with options of pavé diamonds or monochromatic.

With new interpretations refreshed for the season, the Quatre collection is expanding with new editions for Fall.

Also, the Quatre range has brand new Red Editions that challenge Boucheron’s codes with red ceramics and diamonds meant to radiate light and strength. An expression of the creative freedom instilled by Frédéric Boucheron himself, the new novelties are absolutely beautiful. Why would anyone want to do without it?

Take a closer look at the new pieces below…

Boucheron Quatre Radiant Edition


Quatre Radiant Edition yellow gold ring, large model. This new Quatre Radiant Edition ring delicately reinterprets the codes of this iconic Maison Boucheron collection. Still easily identifiable, here Quatre unveils an openwork version of the Clou de Paris motif. Like a subtle, graphic form of self-expression, a new signature.


Boucheron Quatre Radiant Edition, yellow gold and diamonds ring, large model


Quatre Radiant Edition, yellow gold and diamonds ring, large model. Graphic and luminous, the Quatre Radiant ring plays with precious contrasts and reveals your many facets. The delicate gold openwork on the Clou de Paris motif, the line of diamonds and the Grosgrain motif sign a piece of jewellery with a multi-faceted, contemporary character. Why do without it?


Boucheron Quatre Red Edition

Red ceramic and pink gold wedding ring

Boucheron-Quatre-Red-Edition-05.pngThe Quatre Red Edition wedding ring challenges the codes and passionately affirms once-in-a-lifetime love. The pink gold married with the iconic Clou de Paris motif sculpted in red ceramic is an ode to the personality of the man or woman who wears it.


Diamonds, red ceramic and pink gold wedding ring

Boucheron-Quatre-Red-Edition-04.pngThe Quatre Red Edition paved with diamonds radiates light and strength. In this wedding ring, boldness and modernity seal the spirit of the Maison Boucheron: freedom.


Red ceramic, yellow, white and pink gold ring, small model

Boucheron-Quatre-Red-Edition-03.pngBold, red ceramic irradiates the Maison Boucheron’s iconic collection. The mix of colours and textures brings a precious and novel contrast to the Quatre ring. An intense piece of jewellery that combines strength and independence.


Diamonds, red ceramic, yellow, white and pink gold ring, large model

Boucheron-Quatre-Red-Edition-02.pngThis Quatre Red Edition ring is an expression of the creative freedom instilled by Frédéric Boucheron. Graphic and bold, it radiates a light and a singular strength through the precious marriage of red ceramic, diamonds and yellow, white and pink golds. An affirmation of one’s style, an affirmation of oneself.


Boucheron Quatre Red Edition pendant necklace



This pendant necklace from Quatre’s new Red Edition creations is definitely taking the line’s signature aesthetics to the next level, featuring the introduction of red ceramic that offers just the right amount of positivity with a pop of a powerful, bright hue to set the perfect tone for the new year.

The new Quatre Radiant Edition Openwork and Quatre Red Edition pieces will be available in boutiques from November 2019. Come into the beautiful world of Boucheron.





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