Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness teams up with The Art of Shaving


Founded in 1996, The Art of Shaving, the go-to luxury grooming brand for men, announced today their partnership with Jonathan Van Ness from the Netflix hit show, Queer Eye. Also known for his Emmy nominated ‘Gay Of Thrones’ video series as well as his red carpet hairstyles, Jonathan Van Ness was the perfect candidate to complete the Fab 5.

His hilariously witty quotes throughout the show have already been made into some of 2018’s best memes (there’s a lot in this article), but it was his incredibly insightful grooming tips throughout the show that really took our fancy.

In my world, self care is non-negotiable. I’m so excited to be working with The Art of Shaving, whose products can help you find your version of self care too. A few extra minutes in the morning can make you look and feel your best, while showing yourself that you’re worth the time and effort. Who couldn’t use a little extra self love in their life?

Jonathan Van Ness

The fan favorite from the breakout series will share his expertise and humor in a video series designed to help men be their best selves. Jonathan Van Ness offers advice on gifting, shaving, hair care and more.

In the new campaign, called ‘The Art of….’ presented by The Art of Shaving, Van Ness offers his witty take on everything from skin care to gifting in a series of videos that include ‘The Art of Post Workout’, ‘The Art of Gifting’, ‘The Art of Grooming’, and of course ‘The Art of Shaving’. Each 90 second video also features a co-star from the worlds of fitness, food, lifestyle and grooming, with whom Van Ness shares his personal tricks and favorite products, using The Art of Shaving as his brush and palette.

We wanted to work with Jonathan because he’s the go-to grooming expert. More importantly he’s an inspiration to the millions of ‘Queer Eye’ fans around the globe. His positive outlook on life and ability to bridge the divide between race, gender and background through his message of living well and looking your best connects with everyone.

Todd Brisky, CEO The Art of Shaving

Throughout the series, Van Ness shares some of his favorite products, including the brand’s newly launched Beard Oil. This new product, which comes in 3 scents, is used to give beards a healthy shine while keeping them tamed and moisturized. He recommends taking a dime-sized amount of the oil in to your palms and stroking through the hair in downward and upward motions to ensure it nourishes hair and reaches drier skin. Van Ness also lives by The Art of Shaving’s key philosophy, ‘The 4 Elements to the Perfect Shave,’ a simple yet effective 4-step shaving process that allows men to achieve a barber shop shave experience at home, which includes the brand’s bestselling pre-shave oil, shaving cream, razor and after-shave balm.

Van Ness has always aimed to help men define and create their identity, while introducing them to the products that best fit their needs. His realistic approach to grooming routines and looking good have won him fans both on and off screen. The video series will live on the TheArtofShaving.com, YouTube, and social media channels, featuring the products curated by Jonathan Van Ness for purchase.

Come into the beautiful world of The Art of Shaving.






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