Roja Dove Elixir Pour Femme


Roja Dove is one of the world’s most respected perfumers, and the creator of Roja Parfums – the most successful perfume launch in Harrods history – is globaly renowned for working with only the finest ingredients in the world. The international seccess of Roja Parfums, combined with the creativity of its emonymous creater led to Roja’s appointment as an ambassador for ‘The Great Britain Campaign’ – celebrating the best in British craftsmanship and innovations.

Now the famous British perfumer launches a new rich and soft perfume for women, Elixir Pour Femme. The new perfume, Roja Elixir Pour Femme, is all about a sweet, fruity and warm elixir and a secret weapon of seduction. This is a sweet fruity perfume designed to be worn during the day, due to its easiness and freshness.  

Fragrance is like a magical elixir: Invisible, a single drop can transform you into a goddess. It has the power to make you feel irresistible, confident, and seductive – where anything is possible. This magical elixir exudes effortless sensuality – giving you the power to light up a room, to leave an impression, and to get what you want.

Roja Dove

Roja Elixir Pour Femme opens with a nice entrance of fresh bergamot along with delicious raspberry, peach, lily of the valley, jasmine, and aphrodisiac ylang-ylang notes. The base calms with violet leaves, cedarwood, cashmere, vanilla, and ambrette and musk. With its vanillic base, Elixer Pour Femme becomes warm and soft, sweet, and powdery in a very elegant way. This an irresistible nice and delicious new perfume to please all women. 



Roja Elixir Pour Femme is available in two concentrations, as 100ml Essence de Parfum and as Parfum (50ml). 




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