TAG Heuer Monaco celebrates its 50th anniversary

TAG-HEUER-Monaco-celebrates-its-50th-anniversary -GIF

In 1969, Heuer launched the Monaco – a sensational watch designed for its unique design and its forward-looking technology became famous. Fifty years later, TAG Heuer celebrates this legendary model with new versions of the iconic original timepiece and by hosting various events throughout the world and with a book dedicated to the model.

Be iconic. Like the race and city it’s named for, the Monaco is the epitome of elegance and prestige with a vintage flair. The world’s first automatic chronograph – and the first water resistant timepiece with a square case -became legendary after Steve McQueen sported it in the classic 1970 Hollywood racing film ‘Le Mans’. It’s the ultime watch for those living life in the fast lane. Lights, camera, ACTION !

Half a century later this legendary model through events in Europe, the US and Asia will be celebrated throughout 2019. At each of these events a model in a limited edition will be introduced to celebrate the iconic timepiece. A new book entitled ‘Paradoxical Superstar’, documents the historical and technical highlights of this impressive icon and will be available from May 2019 at TAG Heuer boutiques and online. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Tag Heuer.





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